2 Woolen Cap 2 Neck Warmer


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Warm Fleece Fur Wool Beanie Cap With Neck Warmer

  • Pack of 2 (1 Cap & 1 Neck Warmer Rs.700)
    Pack of 4 (2 Caps & 2 Neck Warmers Rs.1200)
    Pack of 6 (3 Caps & 3 Neck Warmers Rs.1700)
    Pack of 8 (4 Caps & 4 Neck Warmers Rs.2200)

    Pack of 10 (5 Caps & 5 Neck Warmers Rs.2700)


  • Material: Woolen
  • Size: For Adults standard size is available
  • Unisex: Can be used by both Men and Women
  • Style: Casual
  • Colours: Black, Maroon, Grey, Brown and Blue
    You can message to get color of your choice.

Winter Cap, Thick Knitted Caps, Warm Woolen Beanie Cap and Neck Muffler, Hat and Neck Scarf, Sardion Ki Topi, Unisex, for Men/ Women, Multicolor


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