Door Draft Stopper (Set of 5 Pcs)


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  • 🏘️ADJUSTABLE SIZE, THE MAXIMUM HEIGHT IS 2″ – The size of the door draft stopper is adjustable from 32″ to 38″, and the maximum gap that can be covered is 2″. Therefore, it is suitable for your front door, back door, bedroom door, kitchen door, bathroom door, garage entrance door or most types of doors and windows.
  • 🏘️ONE DOOR STOPPER, MULTIPLE EFFECTS – The strict design and professional production of door draft stopper make the windshield achieve ideal effects in all aspects. Dust may often stain your floor, light and noise may affect the quality of sleep for you and your children, and small animals may pass through the cracks in the door to visit your home. Choosing our products can block wind, dust, cold, light, and noise, and achieve satisfactory results.
  • 🏘️EASY TO INSTALL AND EASY TO USE – You don’t need to use tape or nails to install this door draft stopper. You only need to measure the width of the door and cut it to a certain size, then you can easily install it, just slide the windshield into the door Just down. Can be repositioned without bending.
  • 🏘️HIGH-QUALITY WATERPROOF TWILL FABRIC – The cover of the door draft stopper is made of high-quality waterproof cloth, which has strong water resistance, moisture resistance, stain resistance, light resistance, cold resistance and high toughness. No matter wind, frost, rain, snow, dust or peculiar smell, the door wind plug can easily deal with it. The soft texture and high abrasion resistance make it not scratch on the floor.
  • 🏘️IMPROVE THE HOME ENVIRONMENT – By installing door draft stopper on the door inside the house, you can increase privacy by reducing the noise that passes through the gap at the bottom of the door. This can be used with all types of indoor floors. It can also reduce the spread of peculiar food odors throughout the family. Let people feel the comfortable and quiet family atmosphere.
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