Facial Steamer For Face Steam & Inhaler (Rs.999 Free Delivery )


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Facial Steamer & Inhaler For Women To Get Result Like “SPA” At Home.

Get this high quality Facial Steamer & Inhaler at Lowest Price Online In Pakistan. Efficiently gives steam to your face which helps to remove all the bacteria and dirt. Easy to use and has a 250 ml  tank.

Get this tremendous mini portable facial steamer to use for face steaming. Facial steamer converts water into nano-ion and gives your skin deep hydration. It opens the pores, making it easier to clean the blackheads, acne, cuticles and cosmetic residues on your face.
Moisturize Face Skin: Purified water is recommended or Toner. Perfect for the dry skin in winter for home spa 2 or 3 times per week. You will see the best result after one month. Moreover, moisturize the face, whiten skin, restrain acne, weaken blackheads, minimize facial lines and rejuvenate your skin.
Fast Heating: 50ML water in the tank will boil in 3-4minutes can last 15 minutes with a completely silent operation. The facial steamer will auto shut off if there is no water in the tank.
Leakproof Design: Water that remains in the tank doesn’t leak during heating or boiling. As a result, it is the safest facial steamer for ladies and kids as well.
Deep Hydration: Soothing steam opens pores help remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue. Finally, it profoundly hydrates the skin and improves face blood circulation.
Tank has 2.5 Ltr Capacity.
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