Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp With UV Light ( 1400+200 Delivery Charges )


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  • Type: Suction Trap
  • Suitable For: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Power Source: AC
  • Material: Plastic

The mosquito killer in the bedroom must be turned on in advance (at least 3 hours). The product uses physical methods to kill mosquitoes and other bugs. It has a built-in streamlined 360-degree suction fan, and mosquitoes approaching the flight from any direction will be sucked into the insect trap. Do not open the bottom tray immediately in the morning, because the mosquitoes trapped in the tray may fly out. Let it run for 2 hours to suffocate the mosquitoes. In order for the trap to work effectively, it should be placed away from the fan and the room should be kept as dark as possible. The mosquito killer lamp can attract, capture and kill mosquitoes, flying objects in the house, and bacteria to get rid of harmful gases, purify the air, keep it efficient, safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It is a simple and safe solution that can kill mosquitoes in any room (including children’s bedrooms or nurseries). It is hygienic, smokeless, and has no harmful chemicals or dangerous high-voltage equipment. Unlike other similar devices, our lamp uses 6 environmentally friendly low-voltage LEDs to attract flying mosquitoes. In order to be as attractive as possible, LEDs also cause harmless catalytic compounds to release small amounts of natural carbon dioxide into the air. This is a safe and effective way to deal with mosquitoes at home.

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