New Style High-Quality 3 in 1 Wireless Speaker+Wireless Earbuds+Power Bank


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3 in 1 high-quality Bluetooth speaker and 1200 mAh power bank. It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker and charging box can charge your Bluetooth ear buds and other electronic devices.Built-in tws microphone (True Wireless Stereo) and technology, which will allow a clear calling experience and high quality music sound. Bluetooth 4.2 technology ensures stable and smooth connectivity at high transmission speed and long distance due to low power consumption.
Product Description

TWS earbuds Technical parameters

wireless version:wireless V5.0
Transmission distance:10M
Support profile:A2DP/HFP/HSP/AVRCP
Standby time:about 6 months
playing time: 3 hours
Talking time: 3 hours

2,.speaker Technical parameters
* Battery: 3.7V 1500mah
* Frequency response:120HZ-18KHZ
* Speaker Power: 4Ω/5W
* Size:L46mm*W46mm*H5mm
* Weight:170 g
* Playing time: 6 hours
* Charging:5V/1000mA
* Power output: 5V/1000mA

Safety instructions for use
To avoid hearing damage,keep the volume at a moderate level.Avoid listening to music at loud volume levels for prolonged periods
of time as this may cause permanent hearing damage or hearing loss.

Do one use TWS earbuds when it is unsafe to do so.For example,while operating a vehicle,cycling,crossing a road,or any activity
which requires your attention and ability to hear.
Key instructions:
Power charging
Power bank
Speaker power control
Speaker battery indicator
Earbuds control
Earbuds indicator

1, Pairing automatically
A,TWS earbuds will turn on automatically when pick out earbuds from the charging case with speaker power off.
B,Earbuds will connect with another one to be TWS mode after turning on with voice prompt”DONG “,
C,Turn on the BT on your device,go to BT menu,select for “T&G”,pair and connect.You will hear “Connected” when pairing is

2,Pairing by hand
A,double-click the button of L/R control when earbuds turn on, with voice prompt”Dong” and LED indicator flashing slowly
B,Turn on the BT on your device,go to BT menu,select for “T&G”,pair and connect.You will hear “Connected” when pairing is

3 speaker case charging
A.Put the earbuds into the case for charging automatically ,the red light of the earbud is on when charging, and the light will be
off when earbuds power full the speaker button for battery power indication.
C.Press the power button about 4 seconds to open /close the speaker, it switch to speaker mode if put earbuds back into the
charging case

Touchkey function:
A hands-free call : short press the R/L key to answer/hand-up calls,
B long press R/L earbud about 3 seconds to reject the coming call..
C When play music, short press the key to play / pause
D When play music, double-click the button on left earbud for last music, double-click the butoon on right earbud for next music
E, triple-click R/L control for SIRI

1,The left and right earbud may also be used as a mono earbud.

2,if the earbuds fail to be TWS for some reason , Pls turn off it, and clear the wireless connection record on the device ,then
re-open the earbuds for TWS automatic pairing and connect the wireless device again

Pls pay attention to below points:
1, the charging case is used as a powerbank, the current has certain restrictions, pls don’t play the speaker and charge from the
case at the same time, or it will not be used normally caused by overload ,and need to set-up again by charging .
2, please pull out the charging cable when power full .
3, If you do not intend to use the product for a long time, please place it in a dry environment and charge the speaker at least
once a month, to extend its use life, and avoid extreme temperatures and dust.

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