Vanity LED Makeup Mirror Lights (10 Bulbs & 3 Modes) 1799+200 Delivery Charges


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Conditions:Brand New.
Type: LED Makeup Mirror Light.
Material: Plastic. Single Bulb lumens:18-20. Power: DC 5V 8W. Powered: USB Power. Number of Bulbs: 10 LED Bulb. Light color: Cool white. Max distance of the bulb: 200.78 inches for 10 bulbs (not including the USB cord). Weight: About 300g. Function: Lighting,Dimmable, Memory,Decoration. Feature: Dimmable Brightness Adjustable. You can adjust the brightness with the dimmer switch as needed. USB Port. The bulbs and the power supply can be connected by USB in many ways, such as power bank, socket, so it is very convenient when using. 3M Sticky Tape. Easily stick it directly on the mirror or other you need to decorate, strong sticking power keeps the bulbs away from falling off accidentally.
Package Included: 1x Lights Chain ( 10*bulb) 1x 3M Sticker( 10) 1x Manual

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